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Rated 5 stars by our clients

Rated 5 stars by our clients

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About us...

We're an experienced, established and trusted team with a 20 year history of providing custom web application development.

Our strong focus on user experience, goal driven, custom web application development, coupled with on-going support, has led to us developing web applications for a wide range of clients across the UK and worldwide.

If you would like to talk with us about how we can help with your web application development please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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  • We work with a range of clients large and small...

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    Music Plus Digital and how we've helped...

    We've developed Kent Music's MusicPlus Digital web application to provide an eLearning First Access programme for teaching Key Stage 2 music lessons.

    The MusicPlus Digital eLearning web application we've developed offers students a full year of music tuition incorporating key music skills targeted at national curriculum outcomes. On finishing the first year of tuition most children will be able to perform with confidence whilst singing, play at least four chords, play melodies using TAB notation, interpret and play basic notation, devise basic compositions using rhythmic notation and chords.

    The eLearning web application we've developed for MusicPlus Digital provides teachers with secure administration and management of the HTML5 Video and Adobe Edge Animate powered eLearning materials. Comprehensive account management allows for system access to be assigned appropriately to administrative users. For students the eLearning video tutorials are unlocked in order assuring a step by step eLearning process.

    To assist both teachers and students when using the eLearning web application we developed an extensive accordion-based FAQ section. To encourage eLearning signups we designed a custom form placed strategically throughout the MusicPlus Digital web application's introductory pages to encourage students to signup to the eLearning web application. For deliverability and scalability we developed the MusicPlus Digital web application to take advantage of Amazon's Cloudfront CDN.

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    Scripture Union and how we've helped...

    Founded in 1867 Scripture Union is a global movement active in over 120 countries that has been organising holidays, events and activities for children, young people and families for more than 100 years. All of Scripture Union's holidays and other events are run by suitably vetted and trained staff and volunteer teams.

    The web application we've developed for Scripture Union is a highly customised version of our PAAM web application, developed to assist Scripture Union with their staff and volunteer recruitment and management.

    The Scripture Union web application offers a wealth of functionality including staff and volunteer user accounts, event and team specific applications, reference request, submission and approval, location, date and type event search and filtering, parental consent request, submission and approval, overseas checks including Borders and Immigration, passport and visa, leader based approval prior to event acceptance and payment.

    Technical development on the Scripture Union web application has included a completely custom front end using bespoke CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, an integrated block based page editor for event info pages and core system pages, API based DBS checks using Atlantic Data, JSON API WorldPay merchant payment integration, additional application process states and substates, custom system imports and exports, email and SMS automation based on applicant and event status plus logging of messages sent, and a fully mirrored system to offer redundancy to the web application.

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